Project Overview:

Visit Sacramento (Sacramento’s tourism and visitors bureau) came to us with a need for a video that would help promote Sacramento as a destination to event planners looking for cities to hold their events as well as event attendees to encourage them to experience the local culture during their visit. The goal was to showcase Sacramento as true destination by highlighting the authenticity of what the city has to offer to visitors.


The concept of the video centered around the idea of a group of strangers “sharing a moment”. It was the vision of Visit Sacramento to include a local band whose music would be the thread that brought multiple different people together throughout the video and conclude with them coming together in a unified way.


We worked in conjunction with Visit Sacramento to highlight local and unique venues, which local band would be featured, and how they would all come together in the end to share a moment.


Our team worked with Visit Sacramento to feature eight locations (including our Sacramento Brew Bike), highlight multiple other city specific venues and features, create a rooftop evening concert with a band and 50+ cast and extras, and create a timeline that would tie all storylines together to make Sacramento shine!

Behind The Scenes
Project Photos





Visit Sacramento



Completed August 2018



Sacramento, California


Project Deliverables:

A 2-3 minute video highlighting Sacramento as a destination and showcasing the unique features the city has to offer visitors.



Full Production (Pre & Post)


Project Features:

Concept collaboration and refinement, multi-day shooting, multi-location shooting, RED cameras, Drones, hired actors, audio engineering and sound mixing.