We don’t like to brag

So we’ll just let our work speak for itself.


At XSiGHT, we see your engagement photos as an opportunity to take the classic photo and make it an image that will be so unique to you as a couple and the emotion of the moment that it’s unforgettable.


Time to update those walls! With XSiGHT’s team of artists, your family portrait session will be fun and relaxing. We love creating portraits that capture your family’s character in a unique way.

Kids & Infants

Capture this moment in your child’s life! Children grow up so fast, and portrait photography is the perfect way to capture this moment in time.


Portraits capture a moment! Choose your setting- our sleek Midtown Sacramento, your own home, or out on location in the Sacramento region. Our team of master photographers will capture that one portrait so unique, so breathtaking it makes you stop and stare.


Celebrate your graduate! We will work with you to get the personality of your graduate in their senior pictures they will be happy to share.


Remember that time you grew a person? XSiGHT specializes in maternity photography that will celebrate this miraculous time as you wait for your little one.


Get ready for your close-up! The team at XSiGHT has over 10 years of experience, and we know the techniques to get those perfect close-up shots for business or the entertainment industry.


Of course you can include pets in your photo shoots! We have experience with dogs, cats, horses, goats and much more, and we love the personality they bring to your portraits!


Fun sessions for private collections. Our artists create a relaxed environment, ensuring that your photo session is fun and your boudoir photographs are stunning!

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