Photography, Video and Live Streaming Services During Covid-19

Finding solutions in an uncertain time

While we are all finding our footing during this time of disruption, the team at XSIGHT is wishing all of our clients and partners and their families health and wellness.


During this time we’ve implemented safe communications and practices by scaling back the areas of our business that involve in-person contact to minimize the risk to our team and clients. We’re happy to say that this does not require a stop to marketing and brand awareness through video and photography, just a different approach to these mediums.


Consider these alternative approaches to video and/or communications projects you may have in the works:

Repurposing Existing Content & Assets

You may have a library of existing photo, video and design assets that can be repurposed for updated messaging and campaigns.


We recently had the opportunity to help Visit Sacramento put their product photography to work with this social media video promoting National Tourism & Travel Week. So far over 5K views after 3 day of posting! We hope this truly helps to continue to further the messaging and reach of Visit Sacramento!


Virtual Events & Live Streaming Services

Large events take a lot of time and resources to plan because they yield a high return in one form or another. Seeing this return and these opportunities go by the wayside shouldn’t be an option for event planners. Virtualize your large meetings and events by bringing your audience together in a format that reduces face-to-face contact but still allows for your teams, colleagues, members and clients to connect and interact.


There are many types of approaches to virtualizing your events and can all be pre-recorded to ensure the event goes off without a hitch – something you can’t guarantee with live events! This includes graduations, large meetings, member appreciation events, fundraising events and even trade shows.


Recently, Make-A-Wish held a virtual fundraising event that we created through a combination of repurposed content, user-generated content and a host to guide the show. They ultimately raised more funding for wishes than they anticipated and were also able to engage with their audience in a way that they would have not otherwise had a chance to.


Single Subject Creative

It can be easy to envision a video or photo shoot needing multiple subjects and a large crew to execute which isn’t ideal during this time when we’re focusing on minimizing contact. The good news is that single-subject creative is simple to execute with minimal crew and plenty of social distance when the plan is well thought out before the shoot. A lot can be done to create visual interest and strong messaging with one subject and the rest is a blank canvas! It also provides a chance to scale down the possibilities and bring the focus back to the messaging, product, or service.


Don’t forget about enhancing your internal imagery with new corporate headshots which is a great way to let your audience know you’re stable and still here for them.


Property Virtual Tours & Photography

If your website and marketing material is in need of a refresh to showcase your property or venue, virtual tours and fresh photography can keep your audience engaged. It’s quick and easy to schedule a shoot with less in-person sales happening at the moment. Whether you opt to have a host, or highlight the location through visuals alone, no-contact shooting is completely doable and yields content you can push out to your audience.


Product & Demo Videos

Audiences are especially engaged at this time and are actively seeking to learn new skills and try new products. Putting fresh content out there that demonstrates your products or improves their current skill set not only keeps their focus on you, but is also simple and safe to create with no contact!


Employee Training & Hiring Videos

New and long-term employees are all looking for guidance in regards to their job roles, how they fit into the organization and how they can help during this time. Providing them with information as well as getting them involved is a good way to get important details to them about training, news and updates and can also boost moral by including them in the process.


We worked with Sutter Physician Services prior to the outbreak to produce this video to encourage potential new hires to apply for open positions and it can all be done with wide lenses and boom microphones. Hair and makeup services might have to be DIY for just a bit longer, but we can keep the team looking great with our other production tricks!


Looking for safe and socially responsible visual content? Let us know how we can help with your project.