Connecting loved ones in an uncertain time


While we are all finding our footing during this time of disruption, the team at XSIGHT is wishing all of our clients their families health and wellness.


During this time we’ve implemented safe communications and practices by scaling back the areas of our business that involve in-person contact to minimize the risk to our team and clients.


When you have experienced a loss, you can trust our family to take care of yours. For over 25 years, our team has taken great pride in providing our clients with compassion, dignity and respect. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our private virtual broadcast solutions allow you to honor and celebrate your loved one through our “Life Streaming” service. Providing connectivity in a disconnected world is important now, more than ever. With travel restrictions, mass gathering protocols and other safety measures in place, using our Life Streaming breaks barriers and allows those from afar to honor and celebrate the life of those who have passed, aiding in the effort of providing warmth, love and closure.



We begin with co-creating a private, customized landing page for you to share with your family and friends. The page can include pictures, information and a guest book for viewers to privately share notes, stories or condolences. This page will also feature the virtual broadcast video player that your invite only guests will enjoy the virtual broadcast Life Stream that we capture and feed for you. Finally, we provide you with an HD video file of the broadcast, following the stream as well as a copy of the guest book information we receive. As for customizing the experience, you can choose to add a slide show that honors your loved one, add a live chat room for attendees to experience and connect deeper with… and more.


    • 2 hours of consecutive video coverage
    • One Videographer with two HD cameras
    • One Video Switch Tech
    • Audio Tech + feed to video crew (up to 2 mics)
    • Live video feed of your service to a custom landing page easily shared with family and friends
    • 720p digital download of your streamed Life Celebration


    • 2 hours of consecutive video coverage
    • Two Videographer with three HD cameras
    • One Video Switch Tech
    • Audio Tech + feed to video crew (up to 4 mics)
    • Live video feed of your service to a custom landing page easily shared with family and friends
    • 720p digital download of your streamed Life Celebration
    • Slide show of your loved one to be played before or after the service


Inclusions & Details

How does the live stream work? What is the difference between Zoom to stream the service?

Although we think that Zoom, Google Meet and all of the other video conferencing tools are great, they are not meant to be used in this way. We will be sending a live feed from our video camera(s) and microphones to a direct internet feed for live broadcast. This ensures there is no other technology, accounts or requirements for your guests to be able to view and attend virtually.  


Different levels of live stream require different technology, however, we’re happy to go over these items in more detail if you’d like to learn more about our process!

What information do I need to get from the funeral home to know if my service is eligible for live streaming services?

We are happy to connect with your selected funeral home, church or other location in order to determine if there are any technical reasons that a live streamed service would not be possible. Most locations have plenty of modern technology and we also have options/add-on technology to ensure streaming is possible and successful.

Are these your only memorial video packages? I was looking for something more traditional and don't need live streaming services

We do offer video services to capture the memorial that are more traditional. Please contact us if you’d like to go over options for non-live streaming video services.


We can absolutely stream services your personal Youtubelive or Facebook Live page. We offer our own hosting on a custom page as well for anyone who doesn’t want to set up their own accounts, but we’re happy to work with you to stream to your accounts to make it more personal.

Please note that all live streaming on social platforms are subject to music copyright laws and all major sites reserve the right to stop and place holds on accounts that stream live videos featuring copyrighted music. This is important to consider as it’s likely that your ceremony procession and recession will have copywrited music and could be flagged. There are exceptions for classical music, but in general, any popular modern music could potentially be flagged. If you have additional questions regarding this, please contact us!

I'm not seeing the exact option I'd like for a service I'm planning. Can I customize these options?

We’ve created these packages to what we know will work to unobtrusively capture and stream a traditional memorial and/or funeral service, however, these are also just a starting point. If you’re interested in adding services or customizing one of our packages, please let us know and we’ll figure out the best way to create something that will work for you and your loved one.

I'm uncertain about my event date, what is your policy in regards to rescheduling?

We know that all events are somewhat up in the air and so we will work with you as much as possible to reschedule your live streaming services if you need to change the date of the funeral or memorial. We just ask that you keep in contact with us so we can work with you as soon as possible to accommodate your new date. We can’t guarantee availability, but we do have a fairly large team and will do everything we can to ensure we’re there to provide streaming services to those who cannot attend in person.

We realize this is a lot of information. The best way to decide what will work best for your wedding is to schedule a consultation to discuss all of your options with us.


Please give us a call at 916.444.9100, email us at for any additional information on our live streaming services or to schedule a phone call or video meeting.