In honor of all of your hard work during your school career, we’re happy to present your graduation!

Thank you to all students, family, and friends for attending! We hope that although the current state of the world does not allow for a traditional graduation ceremony, that this will be symbol to you that acknowledges this tremendous accomplishment and will be a memorable and meaningful send-off into your futures!

We wish you all the best!

The Davis Senior High School Class of 2020 Graduation ceremony will begin at 7:05pm on June 12th, 2020!


First and foremost, we hope you enjoy watching your DSHS graduation live!

We’re eagerly awaiting the ceremony to start and wanted to give a few extra pieces of information to ensure you’re able to watch at your leisure and as seamlessly as possible!

The video is set to play at 7:05pm

We know you're super excited to start the show, but you won't be able to watch before the scheduled time! If you don't see a play button, it's because it's not time to start yet! If you think there's a delay you can try refreshing the page, otherwise we'll see you at 7:05pm!

Trouble viewing?

We've crossed our t's and dotted our i's to ensure a seamless viewing experience for you! However, technology is never perfect. Thankfully, there's lots of technology out there! If you're having trouble viewing this page, experiencing any buffering or loading issues, please refresh your page and it should resume where it left off. We will also be streaming this on Youtube as well so you can check it out there!

Watch Live on Youtube!

Download the file

We're happy to be able to offer you the option to download this video and watch directly on your device! Please keep in mind that the run of show will be about 2 hours long so the download could take a little while. You will have the option to download different resolutions, however, we recommend high resolution!

New download coming soon!

We hope you all enjoy your graduation and congratulations again Class of 2020!