Commercial Photography

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…Except for sharks, we are scared of sharks.

Real Estate

Our team of multiple skilled artists allows us to fit you and your seller’s schedules. We use advanced techniques to create beautiful photography and video that will attract more attention to your listings, resulting in more successful sales for you.


XSiGHT’s team of artists has always been attracted to the unique and the creative. Telling stories through photographs brings concepts to life in a visually appealing and interesting way.

Candids & Events

No matter the size of the event, XSiGHT will create high quality images that capture the atmosphere of the day. These images can be used to create content for your business, setting you apart from the crowd.


Our photographers and videographers shoot live concerts, band promo photos and portraits of musicians for band marketing and other media outlets. Our creativity as artists gives us insight into how best to represent each artist and create photos and videos unique to their style.


XSiGHT’s expert photographers know the specific techniques needed for fashion photography. We will work with you to create standout images for your professional use that will attract customers and clients.

Landscape & Architecture

There’s no substitute for well photographed landscapes and architecture. Our team of photographers capture beautiful images of nature, buildings, skylines and cityscapes that are professional, artistic and modern.

We’re happy to offer commercial photography services for different budgets and are available to cover events in Sacramento and the surrounding areas including the San Francisco bay area, Napa, the delta and most of northern California.

Have questions about commercial photography, scheduling, pricing or anything else? Contact us below or feel free to give us a call at 916.444.9100.

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