To Match Your Wedding Perfectly

When it comes to wedding photography, there are a multitude of different styles and formats. Knowing about these different types can save you time when planning with the photographer of your choice.


It can be hard to tell the difference initially from these styles but choosing the right style for your wedding is the difference between good and great wedding photos.


As opposed to framed, more stylized photographs, documentary style photos are more candid. They capture peoples real emotions, and puts the subject right back in the moment. Documentary style is perfect for capturing select moments and interactions from your wedding. As a result, pictures will feel genuine and in the moment.


The romantic style of wedding photos works perfectly for pictures of the bride and groom. It captures the couples love for each other as well as the happiness they are feeling at that moment. The romantic style can be brought out in most wedding photographs, but it is important to talk with your photographer if you want specific compositions, to portray more romanticism.


Giving photographs a more creative and nontraditional composition can deliver a more unique, memorable wedding for everyone involved. It is also a fun way to incorporate similar interests and quirks the couple has. If you and your groom want your personalities to shine through in your photos, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to incorporate that!


The classic style is very popular among couples, and you will find that many photographers take photos this way. The classic style is gorgeous and a bit formal. The classic style captures the simple moments. The photographer then can turn those simple moments into beautiful compositions that much like documentary style convey realism.


Candid photos capture the best moments of your wedding, and they show the couples true emotions. Candid photos work well during the after party, because everyone is having a good time. Candid photos are great to look back on.


Dramatic photos are much more serious, and often times are quite epic. They add a whole new sense of beauty to the wedding with compositions that are breathtaking. Dramatic wedding photos are great for couples who have they weddings at places with gorgeous scenery.

Choose A style that will match your wedding!

Finding a wedding theme can be hard enough on it’s own so find a style the compliments the theme of your wedding!

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