Harvest Tour Video

Prepared For: Pamela Graviet, California Walnuts

Prepared By: XSIGHT Productions, Inc.

Date: 7.28.2020


XSIGHT formed 15 years ago as company specializing in visual content and even though we’ve evolved and expanded over the years, we always go back to what we were founded on: Connecting people and creating a human connection through our imagery and storytelling.

Our mission is to create meaningful content that will connect with audiences in a way that sparks their interest and stays with them. We are a team that is invested in what we do and aim to have fun while we’re doing it! We like to say “yes!” to challenges and then meet them head on as we continually evolve. We are passionate about seeing brands succeed, inspired by the challenges of a visually stimulated world and driven to create content that connects people in a meaningful way.



Creative Director/Senior Producer

Scott has been in the industry for seventeen plus years and is highly versed in producing original content and how it translates to B-to-B and B-to-C marketing strategies. In his role as Creative Director, he has experienced lots of change over the years that spans all aspects of communications from production to advertising and branding, to digital marketing and employee communications. He has helped counsel brands of different sizes and industries including Make-A-Wish® and Arden Hills Resort & Club, among many others. This experience has helped him to not only be a marketing specialist, but also become a business problem solver and management resource. His career has allowed him to touch all aspects of the creative industry and he continues to spend most of his time ensuring all the pieces of puzzle fit together.

Outside of XSIGHT, Scott is a husband and father of two girls and loves finding time to refine his skills as a carpenter and craftsman.


Project Manager

Kristen has been with XSIGHT for four years and spent the previous five years working in digital marketing. Finding and telling the stories that help build brands, engaging audiences and motivating employees is the focus of her work. Kristen’s experience includes managing teams, SEO strategies, web content development and corporate and internal communications. She’s worked with clients and companies across many fields – corporate, nonprofit, small business and professional services. She’s passionate about deadlines, time management and celebrating a job well done!

To round out her days, Kristen always finds time to discover the continually evolving Sacramento food and art scene with her husband.

Primary Interests

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Production Coordinator

Molly started her XSIGHT career after moving from the Santa Cruz area with her husband. What drew Molly to her role at XSIGHT was her passion for representing our clients’ ambitions by forming connections not only with them, but between their brand and their consumers. Molly brings 15 years of managing client partnerships and creative problem solving across a variety of areas. From her time as Production Coordinator at CrossFit, Inc. she‘s well versed in leading large teams across key creative touch points to ensure challenges are met head on with creative solutions!

When Molly is not at XSIGHT, she enjoys spending time with her two cats, tending to her garden, skiing and hiking in Tahoe (oh, and spending time with her husband!).


Director of Photography

Phil Mohr is a creative thinker, inspiration seeker and insane jack of all trades. He brings contagious energy and perspective to the team as no task is ever too big or too small for him to meet head on. He’s driven by the idea of creating and capturing content with intention and that is how he leads our video team – with the focus on what needs to be done, and determining can it be done better. From his experience at Smosh and PBS, Phil understands and continually demonstrates the importance of evolving as much as possible in this ever-changing industry.

A true beer-aficionado, Phil spends his time outside of XSIGHT trying the local breweries, especially the ones that allow for him to bring his adorable Boston Terrier, Pickles.

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No two videos are alike – yet they all accomplish the same thing when produced correctly. A successful video will connect with your audience and further your brand awareness.


With each new project that we begin, we’ve found that the following actions are what ultimately help define the client’s vision and ensure we can develop it successfully:


With every client, we begin the project with an intake session. We formulate a list of questions intended to encourage organic thoughts and conversation about not only where a vision currently stands, but also what you hope to accomplish. From there our team brainstorms and refines the vision through scripting and storyboarding until we have a fully formed vision of the project. This sets the foundation for the work we will create together from that point forward.


It takes a team of creative and dedicated people to make a vision into reality! At XSIGHT, we have a highly experienced group of industry professionals who work together to do just that. With your vision as a roadmap, we plan and execute every part of production to ensure that we capture the story and all story elements in a way that will be effective and impactful while keeping in line with the goal of the project.


The previous steps all work towards the finalization of the project. In post production, we lay out the story and refine it until it is completely in line with the messaging that was defined in pre-production. We then put the finishing touches on the project that will make it visually and audibly striking. We can work with our clients on rolling out their finished videos so they have the greatest impact and success as possible.


For the first phase of this project, XSIGHT will work with California Walnuts to define all aspects of the project vision and goals. This will include a collaboration period between XSIGHT and California Walnuts and from there XSIGHT will develop a complete pre-production plan at the conclusion of Phase 1 consisting of:

The definitive messaging that will drive the video

  • California Walnuts brand voice
  • Consultation/editing on written scripts
  • Interview questions to help guide interviewees
  • Organization tagline, key phrases and/or key words

A clearly defined visual guide that reflects the above items through visual mediums

  • Inspiration boards
  • Story outline with video style
  • Color palettes/color story
  • Any additional graphic elements
  • Shot lists

A clearly defined plan that serves as the roadmap for making the vision come to life

  • Client meeting schedules
  • On-camera talent/Interviewee scheduling
  • Location scouting/securing
  • Filming permits
  • Video and audio shooting scheduling


For the second phase of this project, XSIGHT will work with the guidelines and schedules from Phase 1 to create the content for the completed videos. These items are still to be determined, but may consist of:

Executing all visual and audible elements

  • Directing all on-camera interviews
  • Capturing high quality video and audio soundbites
  • Capturing additional footage that reinforces the messaging
  • Ensuring all content is captured in the specified style
  • Following all specified lighting setups
  • Following all specified camera angles and camera movements


For the third phase of this project, XSIGHT’s post production team will compile everything from the pre-production and production phases to put the story together. Video footage, audio files and graphic elements will be edited together to form the story. Once the first draft is approved by California Walnuts, the finishing touches to the look and sound will be added and the video will be exported and sent to California Walnuts as a high quality video file(s). This process includes:

The compiling of assets and finalization of the finished video or videos

  • Video and audio file syncing
  • Editing video clips and audio clips to form the story
  • Music sound mixing with interview soundbites to form the general pacing and impact
  • Lower-thirds/Id’s
  • Color correction
  • Color grading


Thank you for your interest in XSIGHT and for the opportunity to bid on your upcoming project. Our team has been brainstorming ideas and we are really excited about the possibility of collaborating on this project. Based off of our conversations during our phone meeting, we have put together a proposal that we feel will allow your vision to come to fruition. We are confident that we will not only meet but exceed your expectations.




The main goal of this project is to create a highly engaging and immersive video that will take the place of the annual walnut Live Harvest Tour that typically brings international media influencers and members of the press from around the world to the Northern CA area and gives them a first hand experience of the process of growing, harvesting, hulling/drying, processing and ultimately cooking with and enjoying walnuts. Additionally, the finished video will have the following objectives:

  • Highlighting 3-4 local California walnut growers and document the process of growing, harvesting and processing a walnut crop as well as the family legacy and traditions that have been passed down from each generation
  • Highlighting 2-3 Sacramento chefs and their infusion of walnuts into all varying types of cuisines with global influences to immerse and educate viewers as to the many great uses of walnuts in cooking and baking
  • Highlighting the lifestyle of Californians specifically showcasing the Northern California region and key areas throughout the state that are iconic to the state and would be recognized around the world including but not limited to Golden Gate Bridge, Coastal imagery, State Capitol, Sacramento Tower Bridge, Napa/Sonoma Region and Tahoe.
  • Be story-driven through in-person interviews that reflect the experiences and lifestyle/culture behind the walnut growers in the industry
  • Showcase each walnut grower on location at their orchard and interview each to gather the necessary storytelling elements needed to educate and engage viewers
  • Be visually intriguing and shot in a cinematic way to feel immersive and keep viewers fully engaged and informed of the process, care and quality of California-grown walnuts and how that influences California cuisine


Our team has been reviewing your project and feel we have a good grasp on not only the level of quality your project needs, but also the message and how it will resonate with your target audience. Below is a breakdown of the elements in the video and how we envision it being the most impactful.

  • The video will feature 3-4 California walnut growers and focus on each individual story and how growing walnuts has impacted their lives and the joy they receive from the work
  • 2-3 Sacramento Chefs will also be highlighted in the form of short interviews and culinary demonstrations as to how California walnuts can be incorporated into everyday cooking
  • The main messaging will be in the form of interviews from the Growers and Chefs and supporting broll to reinforce the message. 
  • Interview questions will be written by XSIGHT and centered around a pre-written and approved script or overview to ensure interviewees are guided to provide responses that best support the intended message
  • Video content will be gathered of all the specific stages of harvesting, hulling, and processing of the crop to help to educate the viewer of the many stages that the crop undergoes prior to being enjoyed by the public
  • Additional video content will be gathered of the Sacramento Chef’s restaurants/kitchens and showcase the featured walnut dishes
  • Original as well as stock video content of the local, coastal, mountain and wine regions will be showcased to help reinforce the California lifestyle and Farm to Table culture that is widely known
  • Drone video will be utilized to demonstrate the vastness of the orchards and fields prior to the harvesting phase
  • All Video footage will be filmed in cinematic compositions with dynamic camera movements, framing, and lighting for a high end, documentary style look and feel
  • The completed video will be roughly 7-10 minutes in length with the option to edit additional sizzle content for social media posting
  • The final video will be delivered as a HD digital file for download by the client


XSIGHT will conduct all shoots with personal protective equipment including masks and will follow all social distancing requirements during shooting to ensure the safety of our on-camera subjects and our team.

Locations for filming will be reviewed prior to filming and XSIGHT will consult with the client on location suggestions for optimal visual appeal while still maintaining safety best-practices. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss our safety procedures for filming in more detail.


  • Pre-Production

    • Meetings and emails with the client to define goals, message and visual style
    • Team meetings to develop the vision, brainstorm and finalize all story elements
    • Script/outline creation and review
    • Interview question formulation based on outline
    • Storyboarding, finalizing messaging, shot lists
    • Scheduling and organizing crew/interviewees/locations

EST. 2-3 weeks
  • Production

    • Capturing all video footage
    • Shooting at multiple private locations in Northern California
    • Individual interview setups and recordings
    • Broll recording of orchards, hulling and processing plants and local restaurants
    • Sound & lighting design

6-7 production days
  • Post Production

    • Video timeline creation
    • Audio and video interview footage compiling
    • Story creation through video editing
    • Music selection
    • Sound mixing
    • Color grading
    • Final video exporting and delivery to client

EST. 2-3 Weeks


Based on our meeting, review of the sample videos and our understanding of the project goals, we have developed two production options that will ensure the final product is high quality, works with California Walnut’s time allowances and meets the vision for the completed video.

Please note that this estimate does not include travel and mileage will be charged at the standard California rate.


Two full production days For Grower Interviews and Harvest
Three person crew for Culinary Interviews and Footage
One half day for California Broll

This option is based on spending three days gathering on-location walnut footage to reduce production costs. This option also has a scaled down three-person XSIGHT crew for the culinary day and does not include capturing the Spring bloom at the orchards. It will allow us to gather all of the footage and audio needed to create the video at a high production value at a lower investment level.


Three full production days For Grower Interviews and Harvest
Four person crew for Culinary Interviews and Footage
One full production day and One half day for California Broll

This option is based on one additional harvest production day to allow for more extensive interview and harvest footage to be captured. This option also has a four-person XSIGHT video crew for all culinary content and a full production day to capture the orchards during the Spring to allow us enough time and resources to capture all content at the highest production value and for future video edits.



  • Concept refinement and finalizing
  • Shot list creation
  • Script/outline creation and review
  • Interview question formulation based on outline
  • Scheduling and organizing crew/interviewees/locations


  • Producer – 2 production days
  • Director of Photography – 2 production days
  • Assistant Camera Operator – 2 production days
  • Audio Engineer – 2 production days
  • Key Grip – 2 production days
  • Drone – 4 hours
  • Additional Camera
  • Location Lighting Package


  • Producer – 2 production days
  • Director of Photography – 2 production days
  • Utility Operator – 2 production days
  • Drone – 2 hours/day


  • Producer – 1 production day
  • Director of Photography – 1 production day
  • Utility Operator – 1 production day
  • Additional Camera
  • Location Lighting Package


  • Director of Photography – 1 production day
  • Drone – 2 hours


  • Editing – 56 hours
  • Stock footage clips – Up to five clips
  • Motion graphics/text animation
  • Color grading
  • Music Selection – Billed per song selection, 3 tracks
  • (1) 8-10 minute video

Total Project Investment: $40,235.00



  • Concept refinement and finalizing
  • Shot list creation
  • Script/outline creation and review
  • Interview question formulation based on outline
  • Scheduling and organizing crew/interviewees/locations


  • Producer – 3 production days
  • Director of Photography – 3 production days
  • Assistant Camera Operator – 3 production days
  • Audio Engineer – 3 production days
  • Key Grip – 3 production days
  • Drone – 4 hours
  • Additional Camera
  • Location Lighting Package


  • Producer – 2 production days
  • Director of Photography – 2 production days
  • Utility Operator – 2 production days
  • Drone – 2 hours/day


  • Producer – 1 production day
  • Director of Photography – 1 production day
  • Assistant Camera Operator – 1 production day
  • Audio Engineer – 1 production day
  • Additional Camera
  • Location Lighting Package


  • Director of Photography – 1 production day
  • Drone – 4 hours
  • Cinematographer – 1/2 production day


  • Editing – 64 hours
  • Stock footage clips – Up to five clips
  • Motion graphics/text animation
  • Color grading
  • Music Selection – Billed per song selection, 5 tracks
  • (1) 8-10 minute video
  • (2) 45-60 second social media videos

Total Project Investment: $51,310.00




The goal of this project was to create a video to showcase our client’s 100 year anniversary at their Centennial Celebration. They had a very specific idea for how to grab their audiences’ attention and wanted to convey their message of “highlight the past, but look to the future”

Our team worked in conjunction with our client to create and refine the concept as well as write the script and interview questions to form a cohesive story between voice over and featured members.


AGC came to us with just over a month to plan, shoot and edit this video. Our team worked closely with the AGC team to make use of the time we had as efficiently as possible and the result was a completed video that was delivered on time and made the impact our client was looking for at their event where it was showcased.

Note: Not all footage was captured by XSIGHT. In the interest of time, some AGC members provided content to be used. XSIGHT conducted all interviews and captured about 80% of the other video content.

We had a really tight deadline, cats to herd, and a lot of pressure to make this the best video of the year. This was the new AGC team’s debut and one of the biggest opportunities for us to show to our members we have our act together and we are stronger than ever. And the videos really helped seize the opportunity.

Last night the videos stopped everyone in their tracks. Attendees were loud while catching up with each other but completely stopped talking and eating to watch. They cheered when they saw their friends on screen, and we got a lot of whistles and hollers at the end. The video also made people want to participate in our communications work because they were so impressed with the production.

Lastly, our outgoing President, Jerome Di Padova, said last night was one of the highlights of his career and the videos captured the pride in his heart for the industry. He was also thrilled with his boss, Mike Aparicio’s, interview.

I could not be more grateful. You made my start to working with AGC so special. Please thank your whole crew for me.

– CAITY HEIM – Communications & Marketing Manager at AGC of California



The goal of this project was to create a video to play at Visit Sacramento’s annual luncheon that would convey the new Visit Sacramento motto of “Nothing In The Way”. Our client developed the concept of highlighting different Sacramenten’s who embody that theme in their contributions to the community.


Coordinating with six very busy people who were in the middle of furthering their business endeavors (hence why they were chosen by Visit Sacramento to feature) and finding the best way to showcase the “rebel” side of each person in a very short video. The biggest challenge with this video though was determining what to cut out of the video since all of the people we highlighted all have great personal stories!



The goal of this project was to create a 1-2 minute sizzle video of the Napa Valley Film Festival to create hype for use in their marketing and promotions for the upcoming year’s festival. The video needed to showcase not only that films are part of the festival experience, but also the many venues, wineries, culinary aspects and events that are available with ticket purchases.


Covering a five day festival with live events happening 12+ hours a day while still being mindful to capture all content in a creative and intriguing way.  Capturing dynamic content while still being nimble enough to run from event to event and create an engaging marketing video at the conclusion.

NOTE: This is a preview, the completed video is still in progress with our client



The goal of this project was to create a lifestyle video in the form of “A Day In The Life” involving numerous intertwined characters to showcase the possibilities of a new development that is built specifically for a live/work/play lifestyle.

Our team worked in conjunction with our client to create and refine the concept as well as create the storylines for each of the characters to allow for showcasing the very specific aspects of the community.


Showcasing a lifestyle and area that is not built yet! We worked closely with the architecture team to scout and secure local locations that had the general look and feel of what the new development would have and were as strategic as possible about not making the locations look like anywhere specific.

NOTE: This is a preview, the completed video is still in progress with our client


We believe in forming long-lasting meaningful relationships with our clients. It allows us to immerse ourselves in their businesses and brands to help them deliver their message and meet their goals with each new piece we create with them!


Thank you for this opportunity. We are happy to clarify any items and if you have questions regarding this project proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are excited to find the best way to work together to create an amazing product.

This page is for proposal purposes only and is confidential to California Walnuts. An executed contract will be required upon proposal acceptance.