Annual Fall Portrait Sale



Cool weather + warm autumn colors = good things that make for great portraits!



• $50 session fee + discounted photo packages



• Schedule your appointment for anytime between October 12th and November 30th 2018 to receive the discounted session fee and photo packages



• No purchase necessary to receive the discounted session fee, we just want to take your photos!



• All viewing sessions scheduled by December 5th 2018 will be ready before December 15th, plenty of time to go into your holiday cards!




•  Selection of 2 images

(2) 8×10’s

(4) 5×7’s

•  2 retouched digital files sized to 8×10 for print



(price does not include session fee)



•  Selection of 3 images

(1) 11×14

(2) 8×10’s

(6) 5×7’s

•  3 retouched digital files sized to 11×14 for print



(price does not include session fee)



•  Selection of 5 images

(1) 16×20

(1) 11×14

(3) 8×10’s

(10) 5×7’s

•  5 retouched digital files sized to 11×14 for print



(price does not include session fee)



•  Selection of 1 image

(1) 8×10

(25) Printed Holiday Photo Cards

•  1 retouched digital file sized to 8×10



(price does not include session fee)



•  Selection of 10 images

•  High resolution digital files of 10 images

•  No prints included



(50% Off!)

(price does not include session fee)



•  High resolution digital files from entire 1 hour session

•  Does not include retouching

•  No prints included



(50% Off!)

(price does not include session fee)

A La Carte Items

5×7 print – $20.00 each (save $5.00)

8×10 print – $40.00 each (save $10.00)

11×14 print – $100.00 each (save $50.00)

16×20 print – $250.00 (save $50.00)

5×7 Holiday Cards (25 count) – $50.00 each (save $50.00)

20 Sided Portrait Book – $500.00 each (save $300.00)

High resolution digital file – $50.00 each (save $50.00)


Q: What is included in a Fall Portrait Session and how do I pick my photos?

A: We’ve found that about 1 hour of photo taking fun is the perfect amount of time to get the best photos before you start to get tired of us pointing the camera at you. So your fall portrait session will last for about an hour and can include multiple locations (usually within walking distance from our studio) and different outfits if you like.

Also included is one viewing session where you can come to our studio, view your photos in our Cinema and decide which ones are your favorites and if there are any that you’d like to purchase.

Q: I know a great place in Apple Hill for my fall portrait session! Can you meet me there for my session?

A: We love Apple Hill too! It’s a bit of a drive for us though, so we can’t give you the same Fall Family Portrait sale. We’ll try and work something out for any on-location photo requests, but for this deal, the photo sessions will be at our downtown Sacramento studio or anywhere that is within walking distance. We’ve already scoped out some great places!

Q: Do I have to tell you when I schedule my session what package I want? What if I see my photos and decide I don’t want to purchase them?

A: You do not need to choose a package when you book your session, that is what the viewing is for. When you come in to view your photos, that’s when it’s decision making time and we’re pretty sure you’ll want to get your hands on all of your gorgeous photos!

Q: What if I love my photos so much that I want to order more than what’s offered in the portrait packages?

A: Not a problem! We thought this would happen, so we can work with you customize or add-on to a package to fit your photo needs

Q: I have my whole family (like, my WHOLE family) here for Thanksgiving and I want to have all of them in my fall portrait. Can you do a family portrait for all of us and can I still use this deal?

A: Yes! The more the merrier, we would never exclude any of your family members from the photo (that’s up to you) and you can still use the deal no matter how many people you want to be included in your photos.

Q: We have so much time off over the Thanksgiving holiday, are you available to take our photos that week/weekend?

A: Yes! We want to have our turkey on Thanksgiving day, so no photo bookings that day, but we’re ready to take your photos any other day. Those days do fill up fast, so try to schedule early!

Q: I want to schedule my session for December, can I still use the deal?

A: Sorry, no. This deal is too good to go on past November!

Q: Can I get my photos on time to send in a holiday card? Better yet, can I make a holiday card out of my favorite photos?

A: Yes and yes! We can get your photos ready and printed in less than two weeks, so as long as you schedule your viewing by December 1st, you’ll have plenty of time to send out your cards. We also have pre-designed holiday cards that we’re happy to add your photos to and order for you. Envelopes included!

Q: I already found the perfect holiday photo card template online somewhere else, I just need the perfect photo to add to it. Can I use the digital file of my fall portrait in that card?

A: You don’t want to use one of our professionally in-house designed holiday cards? Ok, we understand. And yes, you can use your digital files for any templated card you like!

Q: I’m budgeting for holiday gifts! How soon do I need to pay for my session and my photos?

A: We don’t want to stress you out (it’s not good for your photos) so only the session fee is due at the time of booking. Any packages that you decide to go with or any add-ons will be due when you come in for your viewing.



Contact us below with your portrait details and we’ll get back to asap! Also feel free to give us a call at 916.444.9100