31 May Audra & Kyle’s Engagement Session in Downtown Sacramento

Here’s a glimpse of some of the best from one of our latest engagement sessions, featuring Audra and Kyle. Throughout the session we followed them around Downtown Sacramento, through Capitol Park and the K street mall, to celebrate their time together as fiancees. This wonderful couple was so excited about their shoot, and they came prepared with several outfit choices and their endearing smiles.

Wishing this amazing couple the best of luck, and we look forward to working with them on their wedding this summer!

025x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  030x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT011x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  027x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT067x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  101x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT044x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  078x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT079x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  083x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT118x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  126x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT097x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT  051x-Audra-Kyle-XSiGHT


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