01 May Parul & Vishal’s Multi-day Indian Wedding

Every once in a while we get the amazing opportunity of capturing a multi-day wedding – we’d like to share one of these with you! Parul and Vishal had a beautiful three-day Indian Wedding which included both Indian Traditions and personalized aspects. The first day included the Mehndi (Henna) Celebration,  which took place at the Bride’s Aunt’s home where she grew up. These fascinating and intricate designs were personalized to represent the well-known and endearing cityscapes of where the couple came from – she from the West Coast and he from the East Coast. Also present on the first day were teal and gold themed colors for their traditional clothing.

Day two was dedicated to a second pre-wedding party called the Sangeet Celebration, translated from Sanskrit to mean “Sung Together”.  The event took place at the Sneer Indian Restaurant and event venue in Sunnyvale, and there was also a portrait session with the couple wearing the traditionally red and gold themed celebration attire. Their happy anticipation for their official wedding ceremony the following day was plain to see!

The third day started with the excitement of getting ready at the elegant Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California. After seeing one another for the first time that day during their First Look, the ceremony proceeded to commence. Included as part of their Indian Heritage was a Baraat Processional on horseback, the customary way for a groom to travel to the ceremony site, accompanied by a crowd of family and friends. The ceremony itself took place under a Mandap, the traditionally pillared structure colorfully draped in cloths. One of the most important aspects of the ceremony were the Seven Circles – called Saptapadi in Sanskrit – a rite during which the newlyweds take a series of seven steps around the holy fire, which makes their new relationship as husband and wife official! Following the ceremony was an outdoor lunch and cocktail hour, and then the Doli, an emotional sending-off of the daughter by the family. The reception at the Silver Creek Valley Country Club was the final event of the entire wedding, and included a grand ballroom opening, toasts and speeches by family member and close friends, cake cutting, and dancing. The happiness of the couple and their families, personal and traditional details, and the many emotional and heartwarming moments made this wedding a truly special, once in a lifetime event to be remembered forever. We know that we’ll certainly never forget it, and wish Parul and Vishal happiness and prosperity in their new lives together!

Day 1





Day 2





Day 3





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