17 May Katie & Mike’s Vintage themed Grand Island Mansion wedding

Another day another wedding! This time we are showcasing Katie & Mike at the always glamorous Grand Island Mansion. We loved the vintage style, and the gold accents across their entire wedding. It’s their signature style – as we saw when we did their engagement photos last year! We began the day like we often do, with the guys where we caught Mike putting on his tie, then we had some fun portraits with him and the groomsmen.

Next we met with Katie and her bridesmaids. We loved Katie’s dress and her vintage birdcage veil. It always makes for great photos when the decor and clothing match the venue, and this was a great example of that. The vintage feel worked really well with Grand Island Mansion’s feel all the way down to the table decorations and the cake. It was a really beautiful ceremony, and we had a great time at their reception especially during the bouquet and garter toss.

Overall it was a wonderful wedding with a fun couple, and we wish them the absolute best!

We also just heard that Katie is pregnant and we are going to be photographing her maternity photos soon so look out for those!

Katie&MikeWedding030  Katie&MikeWedding032Katie&MikeWedding035Katie&MikeWedding037  Katie&MikeWedding038Katie&MikeWedding039  Katie&MikeWedding040Katie&MikeWedding041  Katie&MikeWedding043Katie&MikeWedding042  Katie&MikeWedding044Katie&MikeWedding046  Katie&MikeWedding047Katie&MikeWedding045 Katie&MikeWedding049  Katie&MikeWedding050Katie&MikeWedding048  Katie&MikeWedding056 Katie&MikeWedding058  Katie&MikeWedding059  Katie&MikeWedding060Katie&MikeWedding061  Katie&MikeWedding062  Katie&MikeWedding063Katie&MikeWedding064  Katie&MikeWedding065Katie&MikeWedding066 Katie&MikeWedding067  Katie&MikeWedding089Katie&MikeWedding076  Katie&MikeWedding071Katie&MikeWedding091  Katie&MikeWedding092Katie&MikeWedding093  Katie&MikeWedding094Katie&MikeWedding095Katie&MikeWedding098  Katie&MikeWedding097Katie&MikeWedding100  Katie&MikeWedding096Katie&MikeWedding099 Katie&MikeWedding103  Katie&MikeWedding104Katie&MikeWedding107  Katie&MikeWedding109Katie&MikeWedding106  Katie&MikeWedding112Katie&MikeWedding114  Katie&MikeWedding115Katie&MikeWedding116  Katie&MikeWedding117Katie&MikeWedding119 Katie&MikeWedding121  Katie&MikeWedding122Katie&MikeWedding123  Katie&MikeWedding124 Katie&MikeWedding126  Katie&MikeWedding128Katie&MikeWedding131  Katie&MikeWedding132Katie&MikeWedding133  Katie&MikeWedding135Katie&MikeWedding136 Katie&MikeWedding137  Katie&MikeWedding139 Katie&MikeWedding142  Katie&MikeWedding143Katie&MikeWedding144  Katie&MikeWedding145Katie&MikeWedding146  Katie&MikeWedding147Katie&MikeWedding148  Katie&MikeWedding149Katie&MikeWedding151 Katie&MikeWedding152  Katie&MikeWedding153Katie&MikeWedding154  Katie&MikeWedding155Katie&MikeWedding156  Katie&MikeWedding157Katie&MikeWedding159


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