18 Apr Rafael & Tierra’s Grand Island Mansion Wedding

This past August we got to enjoy capturing Tierra & Rafael’s big day at Grand Island Mansion. We captured their photos as well as their wedding video so we got to know them pretty well! One thing we always like to ask our couples is how they got engaged, and their story is pretty charming. The proposal happened during a trip Las Vegas, when they went to go see the Cirque Du Soleil show for Tierra’s birthday. While they were at dinner Rafael wanted to surprise her with a gift. He asked her to close her eyes so he could pull out the surprise. Once she opened her eyes there was a gift box right in front of her. When she opened it, it was the ring! Rafael walked around the table, took the ring, got on one knee and proposed.

We loved the color choices they chose for the wedding, the subtle whites and silvers were complimented nicely with the bold cobalt blue as the pop color. The bridesmaids all looked beautiful in their blue dresses and even Rafael sported a sharp blue suit. Blue irises were used in all the bouquets, flower arrangements and the cake and carried the blue and white theme throughout the ceremony site and reception nicely.

One of our favorite parts of this wedding was that Tierra’s uncle officiated the ceremony. He was visibly moved that he was given the task and definitely had a few funny stories to share of Tierra as a girl. It made the ceremony feel very personal and intimate. It was clear throughout the whole day that family is important to both sides and we’re so happy for them that their two families have joined together!

We really enjoyed getting to know this couple and want to wish them all the best in their new life together!


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