10 Aug The Average Cost of a Wedding in Sacramento & Northern California

Planning a wedding can get expensive very quickly. Once you factor in accessories, the venue, food, drinks, etc, you can be looking at paying a fairly large sum for your special day. So we thought it might be nice to give you an average pricing breakdown from what we have seen around the Sacramento area to help with planning and budgeting for your dream wedding. We have broken the average costs up into 10 categories so you can easily make a budget and hopefully have enough left over for an amazing honeymoon!


Clothes & Accessories

Groom: $500 – Bride: $2,000


 What you and your groom wear on your wedding day is incredibly important because it tends to set the tone of the whole wedding. If you’re in a ballgown and he’s in a custom tux, the wedding will most likely have a formal sophisticated black tie feel. If you go for a less formal dress and he opts for a nice tailored suit, your wedding can be more casual and laid back. The cost of your dress really will depend on if you want a designer dress and the quality of the materials and sewing, and don’t forget to include the cost of alterations which can add on a few hundred to the total cost of the dress. Of course you can’t forget about your accessories (dress embellishments, shoes, veil, garter, etc.) or his, he wants to look his best too!


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in SacramentoAverage Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento


Hair, Makeup & Spa


Most brides will have a professional or a really talented friend do their hair and make up which can add up, but takes away some stress on the day of the wedding. Even if you opt for doing it yourself, you’ll probably be spending a fair amount on new products for the big day. And it may not seem completely necessary to go to the spa, but it is a great way to get in some much needed relaxation before walking down the aisle. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to get your mom an appointment at the spa as well, she may be just as stressed as you!


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento


Photography & Video

$5000 – $10,000

The right photographer is key when planning your wedding because they are how you can look back on your special day. Different wedding photographers and videographers have different styles and levels of expertise and with that comes different price points. Check out our page about choosing the right photography style for your wedding here. Some brides overlook getting a wedding video because of the added cost, but there are a few good reasons to include videography in your wedding budget. Check out our page about the benefits of getting a wedding video here. Most wedding photographers and videographers have a packages to chose from which will help with budgeting for photo and/or video, but probably the most important thing to consider about choosing your wedding photographer is if you like their style and if they can express exactly what you want.




Entertainment (Dj, Band, etc)


Now on to the fun stuff. The entertainment isn’t just for you, but for your guests. It is important to research and find the best entertainment you can for your budget. Nothing beats a Dj who knows just what to play and when to play it. You may also want to consider a live band or musicians for your ceremony and cocktail hour. It can really add to the atmosphere and having covers of your favorite songs can be more personal to you and your groom than just recorded music.


cost-of-a-wedding_entertainment_01  ost-of-a-wedding_entertainment_02


Flowers & Decor


Flowers and your decor some of the more fun details to plan. It’s fun to be creative with the flowers and plants that are in season and to see what the florist choses to go along with your choice. Even if  you’re not planning on having elaborate floral centerpieces, it’s still important to remember bouquets for  yourself and bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the men and corsages for the moms and grandmothers. Your decorations set the style for your whole wedding and it is very important to talk with your wedding planner about what style you want to go with.


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  04110406  0423


Gifts & Favors


While it isn’t always necessary, buying your guests gifts or giving them a small favor they can take home is not only a great way to thank them, but a great way to keep the memory of your special day alive for many years. It’s also tradition and a nice gesture to give special gifts to your parents, your bridal party and each other! Anyone who is helping you with wedding planning or is a part of the day will feel appreciated that you took the time to thank them for their help. Getting gifts for each other is not necessary, the wedding itself and your rings are your gifts to each other, but sometimes it’s nice to have an extra reminder from the day that’s personal to you and reminds you of the day you became husband and wife.


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in SacramentoAverage cost of a wedding in Sacramento  Average cost of a wedding in Sacramento


Invitations & Printing


Printing can get surprisingly expensive very fast so it is important to keep in mind how many things you need to get printed. You may have a guestbook, engagement photos, invitations with rsvp inserts, escort cards, signage etc. There are some places that will do it all so look around and it doesn’t hurt to check and see if they offer discounts for large orders or multiple jobs!


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramentowedding details  wedding detail photography  wedding detail photography


Wedding Rings & Jewelry


Your wedding rings arguably the most important part of a wedding, and often times one of the most costly expenses if not the most expensive item for your wedding. You and your husband-to-be can figure out what rings to get and what suits you, but don’t forget any additional jewelry you may want for the big day. Even if you’re planning on borrowing a few pieces, it’s a good idea to make a bigger budget than you think for jewelry just in case you decide to purchase a few extra items.


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Day01_189xaverage cost of a wedding in california  average cost of a wedding in california


Wedding Planner


Wedding planners  are the magicians who make your dreams come true. They take your wishes and make them a reality. Most importantly though, is they take away a lot of stress so you can focus on enjoying it!


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento


Venue, Catering & Rentals


Venues can be a great way to spice up your wedding, and we just wrote a post not long ago about some of the most popular wedding venues in our area. Want something more unique? We’ve photographed some weddings in some amazing places! Check out Sarah & Joe’s cavern wedding or Daniela & Kyle’s destination wedding in Mexico.

A lot of venues have in-house catering and bar service included in their packages, but double check and see if there are any additional costs depending on what you’d like to serve your guests. Also be sure to include  your cake (or dessert of choice) budget here as well!


Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramento  Average Wedding Pricing in Sacramentoaverage-cost-of-a-a-wedding_02  average-cost-of-a-a-wedding_04average-cost-of-a-a-wedding_05average-cost-of-a-a-wedding_09  average-cost-of-a-a-wedding_08

We found that all things included, the average wedding in Sacramento and northern California is between $30,000 and $36,000. Keep in mind though that every wedding is different because every couple is different! Our estimates are the just the average costs we’ve found in our area and since your wedding is unique to you, everyone will have a different budget for their big day. Do your research to find the best wedding services that suit you and your husband-to-be and enjoy the planning process!


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