25 May Get To Know Us Series: Jenny Cera


We thought it would be nice for you to get to know some of our photographers here at XSiGHT,

so we will be featuring some of our wonderful artists here on our blog!


All of the photos on these posts are taken by them so you can see their amazing work and unique styles.


First up is Jenny Cera, enjoy!




Tell us a little about yourself.

“My name is Jenny! I’m an artist by nature and a coffee addict by design.”


How long have you been doing photography professionally?

“I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was 7 years old, but I started making money doing headshots when I was 16.”


IMG_5919  146A2809x-copy

What originally drew you to photography?

“I don’t know if something really drew me in, so much as I always sort of knew this is what I was going to be doing with my life.”


146A3220x  146A5740x



What do you enjoy about taking pictures?

“Showing people the way I see them; looking closely, paying attention, romanticizing life just as it is.”


   146A5777x   146A6185x


Are there any photographers who influence your style, and who do you get inspiration from?

“Sally Mann and Annie Leibovitz were always heavy hitters for me in the well known photographer arena.
My underground favorites off the top of my head are Alberto Polo Ianez, Lara Makabresku and Anastasia Volkova.”


146A6234x  Black


What has been your most memorable assignment and why?

“Shooting the Christmas / New Year season for Universal Studios Japan.
Visiting a new country where I didn’t speak a word of the native tongue was exciting; the food, the people, the scenery, all of it was a whirlwind.”




What is your equipment of choice and why?

“Canon 5d mark-iii with a 24-70mm, 85mm, 50mm and 70-200mm in my bag.
The focus and tonality is perfection pairing any of these lens’ with the mark iii.”


146A5754  146A7728


What photographic ambitions have you achieved so far and are there any you hope to achieve in the future?

“Graduating college specifically for photography and being hired full time with the talented amazing team at XSiGHT!
In the future I want to continue on with XSiGHT and help to expand to other locations!”


Demo01  Green


If you could be invisible for one day with your camera…

“Is there any answer for this question that wouldn’t creep people out?? Haha!
If I were completely invisible I would immediately start shooting friends, family, and strangers in their true natural beauty…
unless I was broke, then I would become the most valuable paparazzi ever for 24 hours.”


   Grey  Hard Soft


Finally, where can people follow your work?


Rarely updated:


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