11 Jan Annie & Danny’s Woodland Wedding in Occidental, CA

Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento


Danny and Annie were married in August 2014 at a beautiful estate in Occidental, California. The celebration lasted a few days starting with the brides family coming a few days before the wedding to setup and finalize all the details. They rented a big house to accommodate the family and was a great venue for their rehearsal dinner. The house was big and spacious with an upscale log cabin feel and was the perfect venue for their big family get-together. The ceremony site is just down the hill from the house, so it was a great place for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready the morning of the wedding. The property came with a guesthouse where the groom and groomsmen hung out before the ceremony.  The wedding was charming and chic with great details of butterfly mobiles, shepherd hooks with flowers and twinkle lights in the redwoods. The bride was stunning in her lace Miosa wedding dress that she designed (one of the perks of working at a bridal boutique!) The groom glowed when he saw her coming down the aisle- as did all the guests!

The ceremony was sweet with the bride and groom making promises to each other about their new life together and a tree planting ceremony with dirt from both of their childhood homes. The day continued with a reception at the historic Occidental Hotel where guests feasted on classic Italian family-style dinners and was topped off by the grooms surprise “foxy lady” dance from Waynes World. The day was filled with love and cheer (and a few happy tears) and we wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Hunt much more love, cheer and happy tears to come.


Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento                            640_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor Woodland wedding photography by Xsight Sacramento 814x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor 808x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor 802x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor 800x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor 795x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor 778_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor Occidental wedding photos by Xsight714x_Annie-Danny-Wedding-Xsight-Photography-Video-bohemian-redwoods-sacramento-santa-rosa-photographer-occidental-cabin-woods-outdoor


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