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The event rental company Celebrations requested a promotional video that highlighted the company’s history and culture for a trade show they were attending in 2015. The goal of the video was to show how the company formed twenty five years ago and has evolved into the extensive business it is now. They wanted a video that was informational yet also captured the essence of the company culture.


XSiGHT partnered with the Northeastern California/Northern Nevada division of Make A Wish to tell 11 year-old Grayson’s story. The video highlights his fight against leukemia and his wish to go to New Zealand and see the filming locations from the Lord of the Rings movies.

This video was produced by XSiGHT to promote the local division of Make A Wish and the kinds of wishes they are able to grant for kids with the support of the community.

“Legacy…what is left behind through the actions of a lifetime…”

“Legacy is not what’s left tomorrow when you’re gone. It’s what you give, create, impact and contribute today while you’re here that will live on.”

“Live, Laugh, Love. Leave a legacy”


Placer Land Trust (PLT) is dedicated to the quality of life in Placer County. It deeply correlates the presence of natural open spaces and agricultural lands. The PLT believes in local food, natural playgrounds, and scenic vistas that all can enjoy. XSiGHT planed and produced this Public Service Announcement (PSA) to showcase the
mission of the PLT, including what the organization involves and the work they do.


Every summer Sacramento has its annual Farm-To-Fork celebration that is a series of events that center around the Farm to Table movement. Sacramento has greatly embraced the ideals of working directly with local producers to source locally produced foods and beverages as well as educating consumers about the importance of knowing where their food comes from. The Farm-to-Fork festival concludes with a gourmet dinner served on Sacramento’s Tower Bridge that is a joint effort between Sacramento’s top chef’s, farmers, meat & dairy producers, wine makers and breweries.

This video was produced by XSiGHT to not only highlight the Tower Bridge Dinner, but also promote the Farm-to-Fork movement in general as told by the top participants of the Tower Bridge Dinner.


Every 15 minutes a high school student is killed in a drunk driving accident. This video was produced by XSiGHT in conjunction with Woodland Christian High School and local CHP to show their efforts to spread the word about the consequences of drunk driving. The content for the video was staged to demonstrate to students how deadly an accident can be and the legal ramifications of causing an accident as well as injuring or killing others while driving drunk.


XSiGHT partnered with the Northeastern California/Northern Nevada division of Make A Wish to produce this video about 17-year-old Patrick and his experience battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the support he received from his family and the community.

This video was produced by XSiGHT to premiere at a Make A Wish fundraiser in Sacramento as part of the “reveal” that Patrick was going to be granted his wish of going to Ireland.


Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar in midtown Sacramento hosted the Lord of Rice competition as the kick off event for the Farm-to-Fork Festival in September 2015. The three entrants (all chefs from local Sacramento restaurants) had to feature California rice as the main component of the dishes they created for the competition. The grand prize was the chance to accompany Mikuni master sushi chef Taro Arai on an all-expenses-paid trip to Malaysia for The Rice Trader World Rice Conference in October of 2015. XSiGHT worked with Mikuni to promote and capture the event and created this promotional video for Mikuni to use in their marketing.


Hawkins’ School of Performing Arts is a Contemporary and Classical Ballet Company in Folsom, California. The school requested a promotional video that highlighted the company, but focused more heavily on its students and how dance has affected their lives in a positive way. The main goal of this video was to show how dance can be a positive outlet for anyone who wants to participate.


The Sacramento Sheriff Canine (K9) Bureau provides a variety of support services to the entire department. Its mission is locating suspects in hiding, searching for lost or missing persons, evidence, narcotics, and explosives. The Bureau fields thirteen K9 teams, eleven deputies and two Sergeants and their K9 partners. XSiGHT produced this behind-the-scenes promotional video for the Sacramento Sheriff K9 Bureau that demonstrated the high level of K9 training and field work that the
dedicated officers and their K9 partners participate in.


The Sacramento Metro Chamber advocates for and supports the economic growth of local businesses in the Sacramento area. XSiGHT worked with the chamber to capture one of their referral round tables and created this short promotional video for the chamber to use as part of their marketing efforts. The goal of the video was to show what round tables are and how local businesses can benefit by jointing the Metro Chamber and attending member events.

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